Skinny Naked

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Skin Naked. Size zero. Beach. Bikini body. Toned. Supermodel body. Brown. Slim and thin. Runway ready. Flawless. Banging.

Haha you’re not the only one :)

Today I had an omelette with ham, mushroom and capsicum and tomato! It was deeelliiisssh-oouuss :DĀ 

I used coconut oil (instead of olive oil because it is 100000x healthier) in a pan and waited for it to melt before adding my two already whisked eggs. I waited till it was 50% cooked and then added my vegetables, fruit and ham. Then i flipped it, waited a few seconds and plated it :) It took like literally under 5 minutes and tasted amazingĀ 

Other ideas are leftovers from the night before + steamed vegetables, salads, quinoa with pasta sauce and vegetables or sandwiches with meats/vegies.

If thats too much of an effort then just no sugar :)